Terri graduated from Bible School in 1995, is acclaimed for her role in Human Resources at UCT and has an infectious love for life, a zealous love for God’s House and a deep love for God’s people.

Through her testimony and her passionate pursuit to see men, women and children (families) restored, Terri hosts workshops and conferences that takes people on a journey from brokenness to wholeness, having them trade their ashes for beauty, sorrows for joy and moving from pity to praise. Her passion is empowering people to own their own stories, to see them unleash their God-given destiny and reach their full potential in Christ within their home, church, community, and cities at large. Terri provides practical teaching and encourages its application for everyday living, ensuring that everyone gets connected and remain connected to the vine at his or her local church.

A natural mother to five daughters and a spiritual mother to many she is known for her humorous, practical and passionate application of God’s word. Her motto taken from 1 Peter 3:10 ‘. . . Live life and see good days” rings accurate as her messages of purpose cause all to become ambassadors of H O P E – Helping Others Prosper and Excel.