Where you are – there You’ll be

Does it feel like your life is passing you by so fast, and it seems as though everything is falling through your fingers? It might be that you’re always thinking about something in the past or have a worry about what’s coming in the future although it has not happened yet you worry about it?

The reality is just staring at you, and the truth is, the only moment you have, is this ‘NOW’ this very moment! The truth is many do not want to be in the ‘NOW’; it’s easier to give it a miss or sweep it under the carpet since the emotions and thoughts suppressed when we don’t want to confront it. Some thoughts with you that helped me to embrace and be in the ‘NOW’ moment. You may want to apply some of it as it does work.

Many of us hear others say “Forget about the past and don’t worry about the future” it’s easier said than done right? There are ways in which one has to deal with thoughts and events that have happened in the past. Those still tormenting our thoughts and behaviours and if you do not rid yourself of them it will cause you to spend your life reliving the past and worrying about the future, in essence, you will be missing out on life itself.

So how do you get into the ‘NOW’ if your mind is wandering off to the anxious thoughts, it’s so common that many judges themselves and this only leaves you were feeling unworthy of any joy and stripped you from life’s blessings. It would be best to acknowledge them, deal with it! Allow the thoughts and anxieties to leave naturally, and you will let it go and remember it’s up to you to get into the ‘NOW’ – Be there!.

When you find yourself in a situation analysing or even worse over analysing and criticising everything everyone does it’s the first indication that you have to stop and entirely ‘SHIFT’ get out of that space and move into the ‘NOW.’ The critical reality is where you are and be there! Zone into whatever it is you are doing and embrace who and what your surroundings are. You can change the atmosphere at that moment. I was driving on the highway in a very anxious moment on my way to an important meeting and just thinking of what the outcome could be, and the conference has not even taken place yet. Suddenly my eye went to the horizon, and I realised what a beautiful sunset we were having. I stopped my vehicle to embrace the moment, and everyone else in my car was encouraged to do the same. I took a couple of deep breaths and relaxed, and the moment did not pass me! I do the same when I am at a pedestrian crossing, a traffic light or just a stop street. I notice my breathing space and everything in the atmosphere around me from colours to sound and more.

Be in the present moment and be attentive. Pay attention to the Holy Spirit – in the same way; we do when we are engaging in activities like talking to someone, at the office in conversation or meeting, at the restaurant or cinema and social media. These present moment activities are our daily turn of events, and when we embrace the ‘NOW’ without any distractions or interruptions our health and lives will have so much meaning and purpose, not forgetting the value it would add to those around us. Be at peace and be in the ‘NOW’ there you’ll be!

Surely time waits for no one; you have to seize every moment, live life and see good days! Loads of living to be done.

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