Patricia was born in Tegucigalpa Honduras, the eldest of four brothers and met Jesus in November of 1995.

In a series of supernatural encounters, the Holy Spirit trained her in intercession and spiritual warfare, each day increasing her passion to see the children of God healthy, free and mature to possess the inheritance that God has given them. She has served the Lord for 20 years.

After 15 years of professional career in multinational companies in Latin America and the USA, and almost a decade of serving God in the Prophetic and Pastoral ministry in Honduras, including TV production, she left her homeland to attend the Lord’s call in the US.

She is the founder of Royal Beauty, a movement of women who are determined to walk in their purpose and minister to women through workshops, conferences and seminars aimed at affirming the identity of women in Christ and helping them discover their call.

She also has a passion for raising the altars of worship that will open the portals and attract the revival and harvest of the end times, and works to empower the body of Christ to reach the fullness of the perfect man in the areas of leadership, maturity, entrepreneurship, kingdom finances, worship and intercession. Patricia strongly believes that a revival of unprecedented records is at the door for the United States and the Nations, and that the children of God are being called to a deeper intimacy with Holy Spirit where He will reveal powerful manifestations that will bring the kingdom in an accelerated manner for this season.

Pati and her husband have founded several feeding stations in Honduras and believe, and work for children to be trained into future world changers through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

In the marketplace, she was the publisher of La Voz de Louisiana, a bilingual Spanish-English magazine geared towards educating the community of Acadiana about the Hispanic community, and encouraging the Spanish speaking community to learn English. The magazine has also been used as reading material in courses at UL.

Pati is co-founder, along with her husband Sidney Morales, of Royal Lineage International,, an apostolic and prophetic ministry to the United States of America and nations; International Christian School, a local private school in Lafayette with Spanish immersion and French Language courses for children k5-8th grade, and Expansion Group, a business enterprise that offers multiple services such as investment, tax preparation , translations and notary services.

She graduated as an Industrial Engineer, has an MBA with a focus on Finance and a Diploma in Executive Business Administration from the University at Chapel Hill North Carolina. She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Studies.

She and Dr Sidney Morales were commissioned by Global Spheres International, under the leadership of Dr Chuch Pierce as Apostle – Prophets to the nation, their ministry has also been acknowledged commissioned by the Apostolic Network One in Christ, and the G12 Movement in Louisiana under the leadership of Pastor Bray Sibley.

She loves God, and loves people. Loves hiking, books and music.

She lives in Lafayette with her husband Sidney and their children Sofia (8) , David (9) , Daniel (23) and Sidmarie (31) (plus Sidma’s family). Elijah, Gabriel , and Sarah are her three grandchildren in love.