Advertising professional, Media & PR Writer, Blogger, Speaker, Worshipper, Pro-Thrift Shopper, Mom, Wife and Woman.

“I have the great privilege of being ever-closer to doing what I love and is called for – as my day job – well – almost.

Welcome to the few words that some may call a Bio. I have the special gift of not being able to write about myself so let’s focus.

I have walked an incredible road with God over the past 27 years and though for some this may not be the longest, I have the fortune of having experienced the good, the bad , the breathtaking and the shattering – all of which have shaped me to who I am today. The 3rd of 5 girls, from a blended family and Pastors for parents – this one’s life story is worthy of a book.

I am just a child of God who wants the world to know His love and while we’re at it, wake up the destiny in others along the way.”